London-based freelance filmmaker, specialising in cinematography, editing and directing. 

Born in Czech Republic, Vladimir began his career in Prague, shooting super low-budget promo & music videos, gaining valuable first experience.


He moved to London in 2016 to kickstart his career.

In 2019, he graduated from BA Film at Middlesex University with a first class degree.

Currently, he works as a freelancer on various projects such as music videos, corporate videos, interviews and short films, having worked in the UK, Czech Republic & Morocco. 

As a director of photography, he had shot a few short films, most notably "Isabella" (2018, Reddy) and "The Last Breath of Winter" (2019, Johnson) both screened at the British Film Institute. A number of his music videos have also aired on TV (+300K views online).

Benefitting from both on-set & post-production experience, he's proficient in various production-related duties, making him an efficient team member as well as a capable independent unit for small-scale projects. 


Short Film, 2018

At a Catholic all-girls school, Robyn is captivated by her outspoken, rebellious classmate Isabella. As a new bond forms between them, Robyn must face up to her sexuality.

Screened at

Sandcastle short film
Short Film, 2017
Directed by, Cinematography

With the world slowly engaging in a global conflict, former journalist Bradley Lens finds himself lost in search for a way to make a difference any way he can, despite the hope for survival fading fast.

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