Bring everything together

Even the best of edits feel incomplete without sound.


Sound design takes your story and puts it into context of the narrative world you're creating. This is where it all starts making sense.

Make an impact

Whenever you want to "make people feel something", sound is here to help. Whether it's comedy, drama, mind-blowing action or something absolutely mental, it will be sound design that sells it.

Trust me, I'm an engineer.

Larger than life

If you're a low budget production, sound design can make your scenes seem like they take place in a much larger world than you see on screen. In other words, I can push your project to another level.

Even high-budget projects need to sell each scene and make the whole story feel coherent and absolutely immersive. I'm here to help with exactly that.


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What tools do I use?

Rich sound library

My ever-expanding library of sounds gives me the ability to quickly and efficiently create soundscapes without always having to go out and record anew.

I record most of my sounds myself, giving me the utmost confidence in their quality.

Excellent work environment

I use Pro Tools & Reaper as my DAW's on a powerful desktop machine, allowing me to run many tracks with the most CPU-demanding plugins at the same time.

I utilize audio plugins from Waves Audio, Izotope, FabFilter, Celemony & Native Instruments.

Microphones at the ready

While my sound library allows me to access many sounds very quickly, oftentimes I have to record custom audio for a project either as foley or ambience.

For these purposes, I'm well equipped with both studio & field recording kits ready to go.


At the heart of my equipment lies the excellent Blue Microphones Kiwi, supported by a Neumann TLM 102. For field recording I use a RODE NTG3.

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